What Your Alpha Beard Says About You

Have you ever wanted to know what your beard says about you? Yes – there is actually such a thing as a scholar for beard styles, and this man has revealed exactly what certain styles say about the person wearing them.

Whether you realize it or not, the style of facial hair that you wear actually says a lot about you интересные выставки в Казани в 2024 году. Upon browsing the local grocery store, maybe you’ve realized how easy and comfortable it seems to be to talk with a guy who has a scruffy face. He doesn’t seem quite as hostile as, for example, a man with no facial hair.

The ‘Old’ Beard

Take a look at George Clooney in this photo. He has what we would call an ‘older’ scruff. When you look at this type of facial hair, the first thought that might enter your head is ‘wisdom’. Put simply, this ‘older’ look makes you think of someone who might be a scholar.

In most cases, we associate this style with religion, such as Jesus or Moses. We put a huge amount of historical weight on this style. Although this is what we could consider an ‘older’ style, many men are sporting this look. A great example of someone who wears it well is Zack Galifinakis. To sum it up, this full, ‘older’ style will make people think of you as being a ‘scholarly’ type — or wise.

The Goatee

Do you wear a goatee? Are you wondering what this style says about you? Well, according to the beard scholar, it says you’re stuck in the past. The goatee was popular sometime in the mid-1990s and back then, it was quite a statement. However, these days, the goatee is kind of played out. There are still a lot of men who wear the goatee, but if start noticing your father wearing it, then maybe it’s time to upgrade to something a bit more modern.

Stubble or Scruffy


In this photo, we can see Ryan Gosling sporting a scruffy, stubbly kind of look. Do you wear this style? According to the expert, this style means you’re a person who keeps up with the latest facial hair trends. All of the latest style magazines feature a person wearing this type of style about every three pages or so.

The base of this appearance is stubble. Although this style of facial hair might make it seem like this guy just rolled out of bed with it, a scruffy/stubble appearance actually requires a decent amount of maintenance, so you might want to give these guys some respect. To recap, this style means you’re a hipster, and you keep up with the latest trends.



So, maybe you have sideburns and want to know what those burns are saying about you. The scholar says that sideburns mean you like to have fun. Most people think of Elvis when they see a pair of sideburns, and as we all know, Elvis really loved to have fun. A lot of men in Brooklyn wear sideburns, and college campuses seem to be another hot spot for sideburn experimentation. Put simply, sideburns say you’re a playful guy.



Do you currently sport a chinstrap, like 50 Cent? Want to know what this style of facial hair says about you? Well, if you wear a chinstrap, it means you’re making a pathetic cry for attention.

The scholar says that a guy who wears a chinstrap of facial hair wants you to ask him about it. Since all of the other styles have been heavily played out, the chinstrap is a way for a guy to try something that most other men don’t wear.

The Mustache


In this photo, we have another photo of Leonardo wearing a mustache. Yes, he seems to be able to look good in any style. Hey – some guys are just born with it. The scholar says that a mustache says you’re a bit cocky. Historically, the mustache has a really bad record.

During the 70s, the mustache actually turned into something sexual because there were P#@* stars and swingers wearing them. The mustache comes with a variety of historical baggage, so if you’re planning on wearing this style, then you might want to rethink it.

Thanks to recent charity events, the mustache isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. Movember is an excellent example. Some young men are starting to wear it, but it’s still kind of reserved for a special group of individuals.

The Horseshoe Mustache

What does this style say about you? Well, according to the scholar, it says you’re rebellious. Is that hard to imagine? Think Hulk Hogan or Dog The Bounty Hunter. Many people think of this style and associate it with hardcore bikers. Some people even think of wrestlers.

Handlebar Moustache

Handlebar Mustache

What does this style say about you? It says that you’re a man who has a pleasant personality. When viewing this style of facial hair, we think of southern gentlemen. For example, the baseball player Rollie Fingers. Oddly enough, this style might even make you think of sipping tea on your porch.

Soul Patch

Soul Patch

A lot of people think of Howie Mandel when they see this style, and it’s likely that he has influenced it slightly. According to the expert, a soul patch means you’re a bit of an off-beat person.

After the major world wars, there were a lot of men who wore a small pocket of hair, but during the wars, most men were clean-shaven. Hippies were known for the soul patch during the 60s, and during the 50s, beatniks had them. Basically, if you want to look off-beat, wear a soul patch!



This is the style preferred by millions of men, so what does it say about them? The scholar says a clean-shaven style represents a man who is slightly preppy. A lot of men can’t decide if they want to go clean-shaven or wear a beard, and the expert thinks we’ll start to see even more men go for this look because unlike in the past men have much more freedom to do so.

Now that you know what your beard style says about you, all you need to do is decide if you want to keep your current style or go with something that more accurately describes your personality.