Remington MB4040 Trimmer – My Sassy Review

Hello, my fellow gorillas – just kidding, LOL. This is a review for the Remington MB4040 Rechargeable Mustache and Beard Trimmer. Keep in mind, however, that this is solely my opinion. I’m not responsible for any physical abuse from a wife or girlfriend that this trimmer could bring you туры в Сочи на автобусе.

So, here we have a product from a well-known brand. I’m not a huge fan of this brand but not because they suck or something – I just don’t have a long relationship with them. Quickly, let’s take a look at the basic features.

  • Has 9 different length settings, which is particularly useful for you cavemen out there. Remember, it’s so easy a caveman can do it!
  • Has a whopping three precision-ground blades. I’m not really sure what that means – but it sounds good. What, you were hoping for 10 blades?
  • Supposedly, has 120 minutes of manscaping power. That’s useful.
  • Blades are coated with titanium. This should make the blades last longer.
  • Last but not least, drum roll please, Lithium-ion powered! Suddenly, I’m getting a few flashbacks of the Duracell commercials. Who the hell cares if it is lithium-ion powered – I know I don’t. I have a feeling that’s just a way to make it seem cooler, LOL. Who knows?

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Remington MB4040 Trimmer

Now that I’ve covered the basic features, let me ramble on in a boring way about the SECRET features – you know, the ones that will have the girls flocking to you like you’re the last piece of chicken in the bucket. Just kidding, but I do want to highlight a few other selling points.

This beard and mustache trimmer has a few length settings, 9 to be exact, so you can really get that ‘perfect look’. It has a washable, ergonomic design, rechargeable battery and enough sleekness to make you worship it. Really, though, this thing IS SLEEK. Don’t take my word for it – look at the picture.

If you took my Norelco and this trimmer and put them in a sleekness contest, the MB4040 would walk all over the Norelco. Shameless manufacturer plugs aside, (sorry Norelco, LOL), this trimmer is great. This trimmer also has three specialized attachments, so you can annihilate even the most-stubborn facial hair. Two-year warranty means Remington really stands by this product.

The attachable heads let you choose between stubble, goatee or beard trimming. When this brand says the motor is powerful, I believe it. However, I still think Wahl trimmers have stronger motors overall, but if you frequently trim the hairs on your nuts and GET TOO CLOSE, it’s nice to have a weaker motor – if you know what I mean.

To recap, upon purchase, you will get the MB4040 itself, a stubble attachment, goatee attachment, beard attachment, a manual and the charger. From what I understand, this trimmer cannot be used while plugged in. That’s the only thing I don’t really like, which is different from the Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom.


After checking the reviews on many top consumer portals, this trimmer has an overwhelming number of four and five-star reviews. The good-to-bad review ratio greatly favors GOOD REVIEWS. Once again, I’m sure the negative reviews are mostly guys who just happened to end up with one of the bad apples of the product bunch or have enough time to go complain about a $30 trimmer.

I will say that Remington products don’t always provide a trim that is close-enough for some people, so if you prefer the closest-‘buzz’ possible, then I would go with Wahl trimmer that is in the same price range.

You can buy this bad boy right here.