Top 3 Sexiest Celebrity Beard Styles For 2014

#1 – Robert Downey Jr.


Want to see the best beard styles for 2014? These are worn by celebrities – so you know they’re good. As men, we’re always looking for that edge, whether it’s competitive or just to look good. Honestly, there aren’t many ways to get your girl lit up faster than a well-groomed, bearded appearance. When you consider the fact that polls confirm that most women think facial hair is sexy, then it’s something that you need to implement. Guys – why not groom it and make the world a more interesting place? Let’s get on with it already куда сходить в Минске.

This first picture is Robert Downey Jr –Robert, please forgive me if that is not the correct spelling. Now, take a look at this style. It’s not too scruffy, and it’s obvious that that isn’t the look he is going for. It connects around the edges, but at the same time, it leaves a little bit to the imagination.

Notice the discreet seperation in the middle of the mustache; also take note of the hourglass shape of the lower portion. Robert certainly knows how to wear the hair on his face. Honestly, when you consider Robert’s appearance in the Iron Man movies, you kind of have to accept anything he wears.

Now, let’s move on to our good friend Leo. As men, we’re constantly scouting other males to check their Alpha levels. It’s fairly easy to check the Alpha level, but you have to have experience and practice. Here we have a picture of Leo, and he is sporting something for his unique facial structure.

The great about Leo is that he’s always on point. This man knows how to look good, and it’s almost like he was born with the ability. There is a good chance that he came out of the womb with a fully-groomed patch of facial hair.

#2 – Leonardo

While examining Leo’s beard, we can see that he’s going for a fakeout — he’s trying to make you think that hes got a scruffy look, but really, he’s wearing a sink in. Take note of the generic shaping of the hair as a whole, but notice how the bottom section sinks lower than what you would typically expect.

Fortunately, Leo has the hairstyle right as well. It’s like the perfect blending of mystery and sophistication. If you want the latest look that will excite your girl — you can’t go wrong with Leo. This look is perfect if you have blue eyes, but regardless of eye color, you should still look great with it.

Next up on the list is our good friend Bradley. Mr. Cooper certainly has a great sense of style. He’s not exactly the Yoda of style, like Leo, but he’s definitely someone to pay attention to. You should take special notice of Bradley’s unique style. One of the reasons why Mr. Cooper made the list is because he’s always coming out with something new. He doesn’t like to wear the traditional styles that we see on many famous celebrities.

Bradley’s blue eyes help him to make a lot of his unconventional styles work flawlessly. This is also another benefit that Leo has going for him, but to be honest, you can make any of these styles work well — you just have to know how to shape the hair effectively. What makes Mr. Cooper so special is because he’s able to take unconventional styles and turn them into something cool because he alters them slightly.

#3 – Bradley Cooper

You can see that Bradley has a bit of a scruff look going on, but when you look closer, you can see that the inside is altered, so technically, it’s not a scruffy look. He also has the perfect teeth to pull this look off. Unfortunately, some of us guys weren’t created with the perfect teeth. Take notice of Bradley’s wider face. This explains why he chose to go with an altered, scruffy appearance. Also notice how the sides go out a bit farther than usual.

In this photo, the sides almost reach to the bottoms of the ears. This helps to provide a greater appearance of depth, which really helps to blend the look for someone with a wider face. You have to admit that this photo clearly shows Mr. Coopers love for going against the norm — or, dare I say, against the grain?

What Makes Celebrity Beards Look So Good?

This is actually a common question. Maybe you’ve even asked yourself this question. Us ‘average’ males — we can’t seem to pull off the flawless styles that celebrities wear. When we compare our freshly-groomed look to theirs in a mirror, it almost looks like a lawn mower ran ours over.

The truth is that most celebrities have professionals who trim and sculpt their facial hair, so if you have enough money, you can constantly wear a flawless beard as well. That is the missing element.

Most of us average males haven’t gone to beauty school, and we have little experience sculpting whatever amount of facial hair we have. Although most of us won’t ever wear the styles that celebrities sport, with enough practice and the right knowledge, we can certainly come close. If you’ve been searching for a new beard style, hopefully one of these will be suitable for you.