How to Man-Scape your Man-Hood

We all know beard trimmers aren’t just for beards…

Lets get right to the point.  Every now and then you need your trimmer to do more than your mustache or beard.  You have to take it where no man has gone before (hopefully!)… To the crown jewels, the bee’s nest, the two ducklings and if you don’t know what I’m talking about yet then here is my suggestion, grow a pair! haha sorry but it’s true.

No video tuturial here boys.  Sorry!  Don’t think you want me showing you how to get the goods off your sac but here is a suggestion.

First of all, use the right trimmer.  I suggest the  Why?  Because just as it states, it is meant for the whole body and doesn’t give you razor burn where you don’t want it.  Now that you have the right tools, you can start.

Go slow.  This should speak for itself.  Any rushed movements down there and you might not have any kids down the road or again.  Hold the hair trimmer of choice tightly yet lightly so it grazes your skin.  Let your shaver do the work and don’t rush it along or you might get caught up in your curly mess of nastiness.

The after party.  And no, I’m not talking about your girlfriend or wife enjoying your new man-scaped wonder.  After finishing your job and you have yourself looking how you want down there (most men prefer not to trim everything in their groin area) you want to take care of it.  Use either good lotion or baby powder and pat it on lightly.  This will make you comfortable for your night out or day at work whichever it may be.  You may need to repeat this 2-3x.


It’s 2014 and more and more girls don’t like men looking like grizzly bears or ware-wolfs below the belt.  Invest in a good shaver or beard trimmer and pamper yourself lightly.  Hope you enjoyed my jokes and my good review and please DO NOT send pictures to me of your outcome.