Panasonic ES8103S Electric Shaver Review – Any Good

Wet & Dry features but is it worth the price tag?

Ladies and gentlemen… I’m back!  Don’t worry, I haven’t left you guys dry like this electric shaver will…or won’t.  If that doesn’t make sense then neither will Panasonic’s wet/dry marketing for this shaver.  I actually ended up liking this one quite a bit, it is on their lower line of ES models with 3 razors but that are ‘Nano-tech’ blades.  What does all that gibberish mean to you?  Means the thing vibrates so fast it’s going to set your hand numb! LOL, not really so don’t worry.  But it will get the job done quickly and nicely and you can get it plenty messy.

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  Wet and dry capable – what that means for you.  

  Maybe you grew up with your Dad or Brother shaving their face with shaving gel and this has given you a high level of masculinity that requires your ego to lather your face up and do it by hand.  But MAYBE, just maybe you like the conveniences of electric shavers (here’s my review of the best ones) so you want the best of both worlds.  Well then, this is the product for you my friend.  You can still lather your face up with your favorite shaving gel but then use this to get rid of the hair.  How well does it work?  Honestly, I like it better than the classic razor, not as cheap feeling and you have it on a permanent basis.  So don’t feel like you are cheating on your family heritage of masculinity, eventually technology needs to hit all of us. 

What it lacks

For it’s price it doesn’t lack much.  It is a bit more bland or plain in design compared to others.  Your price range for this one is average, it’s not going to break on your third shave but it also might not last to pass on to your first son.  It’s right in the sweet spot of price range which makes it practical, I wouldn’t recommend going lower than $50 if you want some durability and you are going to be using it on a daily basis.  It may lack a few blades (3 compared to 5-7 range) but honestly my girlfriend nor I noticed, so what’s the big deal?!

Look and feel

Well it doesn’t look or feel as good as I do… LOL.  Sorry for all my good jokes.  As seen on the picture, it gives you a clear battery percentage (1-100%), a vibrate scale and a water symbol.  The button is in a good spot and big enough you won’t miss it like some other products I’ve reviewed.


So what’s the bottom line?  Well, I don’t think you are going to get ripped off going with any of Panasonics products.  As long as you aren’t going to be showing this off to your friends and design doesn’t matter all that much then I would recommend going with this one.