Top Three Best Electric Shaver for your Manly Hairy Face

I know there are LOTS of electric shavers to choose from so I saved you some time (you’re welcome!) and made the highly requested Top 3 review list of mens electric shavers.  Now you can take off your wolverine face so your girlfriend will still kiss you LOL.

Numero Uno – Braun Series 7-720

 Why does this win the top spot?  Because I used it on my bony face and it adapted the best!  You aren’t going to spend a fortune on it either so more money for you to spend on yourself haha.  It was super easy to clean, push the two side buttons  and off pops the head so you can rinse it out.  My favorite part of it was you can do everything in the shower for your morning or nightly routine.  When shaving with this, you don’t need to push hard at all.  It feels like an electric hand held razor, even more so with how much water it can withstand.

Razor count is 3, our #2 has 5 but costs more.  You can pop out a trimmer for those long mole hairs that you don’t want around.  The night life of this one is like a disco club, lights up on the bottom.  Just try to not get caught singing using the shaver as your microphone.  The battery charge area on the bottom looks awesome and is by far the easiest way of all shavers reviewed to tell how much juice you have left.

This bad boy has a total of 154 reviews on Amazon with 95+ of them 5 stars.  Your battery is going to last longer than any cheap brands you have tried in the past.  It fit my hand (27 yr old male just in case you were wondering) very good which is an important factor most don’t talk about.  Very comfortable all around, I did have to go back over some of the rougher patches on my face multiple times compared to the #2 razor below which got it all the first time but this Braun Series 7-720 cost is overall the best bang for your buck.

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Numba 2 – Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5, the Grand-daddy of them All

I bet you are drooling just looking at this thing…just kidding!  But I am.  The only reason this didn’t take the #1 spot is because the price is higher and I didn’t feel like most men would be willing to pay for it.  If you want to feel like a million dollars, the Panasonic ES-LV81-K is going to do just that.

Where to begin?  5 blades gave me the feel of a champion after shaving.  The black and silver design is clean and modern with teal lighting that will make you turn it on even when you don’t need to shorten the beard.   You can read all the detailed technology here like ’30 degree blades’ or 14,000 RPM and Linear Motor.   Honestly, unless your an engineer none of that will even make sense haha.  But don’t worry that’s what I’m here for!

What’s the big deal?  Automatic cleaning system that comes with cleaner (oils).  If you don’t want to refill that you can always use hand soap in the shower.  Only 2 blades are visible and there are 3 right below that.  Overall this is the luxury shaver.  When you put this in your hand you may hold it up like you won a gold trophy!  Don’t let your girlfriend/wife see you doing that, it may be hard to explain lol.  It has 4.5 overall rating of 248 reviews (best percentage of all).


#3 – Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4, the perfect in-betweener

  If #1 was not nice enough and #3 is out of your world then #3 is “jusssst right.”  Has the look and feel of the ES-LV81-K without the price tag.  Panasonic has been in the game for years and that is how they have taken 2 of the top 3 spots.  They pay more attention to the smaller details and you can literally feel it on your face.

This one has 4 blades and a convenient docking station for recharging (instead of a chord).  To clean it, you get to drown it by sticking it headfirst into the water and it cleans and charges at the same time.  This battery lasted me the longest of the top 3.  The ES-LA93-K (what does that even mean?!) has the most positive reviews on Amazon with a total of 430.

 What’s the big deal?  I am… just kidding!  Overall it is very basic while being on the luxury end too.  It’s the best of both worlds and will last you for years.  Low upkeep to keep it going, takes up more counter space room in your bathroom then others but isn’t it time you get equal with your partner?  Not a lot of pressure was needed to get rid of my stubble, I really liked this one.

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