Philips QT4050/41 Vacuum Trimmer – Is it going to suck off your face?

Has your wife told you to clean the house yet?  Need a vacuum?  Well now you can please her and yourself with this product.  Don’t get all worried that I’m telling you to go clean up your house now lol but I’ve just never tested театры в Москве a beard trimmer with a vacuum on it so let’s get down to the dirty and find out how it was.

QT4050-41 Philips Norelco Beard trimmer with vacuum  What the heck is a vacuum doing in it?!

Don’t worry about your face getting sucked off but it does have a weird feeling…  It tries to suck most all the stubble and nasty hairs to keep your sink clean but that’s what it’s there for!  See your wife is already going to be happy with you and now you can bug her for leaving her long hairs in the sink LOL.

How good of a job does it do at keeping hairs inside of it?

80-90%.  Honestly folks, unless your a clean freak I would recommend the Panasonic ER-GB40-S because you can take it in the shower with you and let the water do the work.   This philips QT4050/41 would be good for places like work or in the car and other places where you don’t have quick access.   But why are you afraid of letting people know you have a 5 o clock shadow?  Just teasing ya..


Best for on-the-go (but wait don’t leave me yet!) use.  If you are at home you might as well get one that can withstand getting soaked and cleaned up.  This doesn’t stop all hairs from getting in or around the sink and you have to empty out the cartridge full of your nasty leftovers ha.  The price is parr with others but I would check out our top 3 list before you spend $40-50 for this one.

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