Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion Review – Is It Magical

Hurry – grab your seat belt because this is going to be a wild ride! Today’s review is for the Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion. Yeah, I know – another ‘lithium-powered’ beast kreiser-avrora.com. Before you get all excited and run off to buy this product, you should know it’s about double the price of the ‘cheaper’ trimmers. Is it really worth it? Let’s find out. We’ll start by covering the basic features.

  • Comes with Spanish and English instructions, so if you happen to speak two languages and enjoy Pina Coladas, you’re in luck!
  • Is rechargeable, so this makes it a much better product than all of other trimmers out there, LOL.
  • Comes with ear, brow and nose trimmer; three beard guides; T-blade-trimmer that comes with three different guide combs; dual-foil shaver. You really have to just look at the picture to see what all of this stuff is.
  • Can use five-minute quick charge or 1-hour full charge. Not sure what this means – we’ll have to come back to it.
  • Get ready guys – we’re about to find out why manufacturers are crapping their pants about this new lithium-ion technology stuff. From what I understand, a lithium-ion battery is capable of holding an electrical charge for 10x longer than traditional batteries. Lithium-ion also provides twice as much torque and 3x the run time as regular batteries. Honestly, it’s nice that the little scientist guys are improving the technology, but I really don’t care about all of these ‘improvements’. I just need a trimmer that works when I need it and works well. I don’t care how long it can hold a charge or how much torque it has, unless it negatively impacts my trimming experience.

Now that all of the basic features are covered, I just wanted to inform you that you even get a nice little comb with this package. Who ever said the manufacturers don’t give freebies? Rejoice, my long-haired gorillas – you now have a spiffy little comb to style your hair in a way that will have the ladies falling over each other to get to you.

Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion

From what I understand, this trimmer is the world’s first GROOMING device to feature lithium-ion technology (golf clap). One of this trimmer’s selling points is that it’s lighter than previous models, but honestly, I’m a man, so I like heavy stuff. My experience has been that, aside from REALLY OLD products, LOL, the heavier a product is the more durable and better it performs.

Wahl also says that this trimmer “has no memory issues”, which is great because the last thing I want is for my trimmer to have more memory issues than ME! Yes, the lithium-ion technology does give this trimmer an advantage over other models, but in my opinion, not a significant one. This trimmer is environmentally friendly because it “doesn’t use energy after it is done charging and plugged in.”

LOL, I really don’t care if my trimmer is using a few extra cents of electricity per month, so nothing special about this ‘environmentally-friendly technology’. Let’s go ahead and finish this up. With this trimmer, you can clip, shave, detail and trim.

You get a clipper blade, dual shaver, precision detailer and trimmer blade. Maybe I’m just mentally-challenged, but I never have any luck with the ‘dual-shaver’ or foil blades.

My Conclusion

So, what’s my final conclusion? I think this trimmer costs more than the cheaper models because it has the “ultra-amazing lithium-ion technology.” It’s attachments aren’t much different from what the cheaper models have to offer.

Unfortunately, this product has quite a few 1-star reviews, but it also has a significant amount of 4 and 5-star reviews. I think most of the bad reviews are the result of specific attachments not fitting the needs of many of the reviewers. As usual, Wahl makes trimmers that have powerful motors – LOL, you can actually FEEL the power in the palm of your hand.

Wahl is also known for making clippers and trimmers that have SHARP, RELIABLE blades, so that is another benefit. Now, the ball is in your court – you can purchase the Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion right here. Read about the Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer?