Crazy Tips To Get The Perfect Shave

It’s true that basic shaving can be quite easy. All you need to do is pick a razor and carefully drag it over your entire face. You need to make sure the stubble is completely gone.

However, if you want the perfect shave, then you need to put a little bit more effort into it. With the right bits of information, you will be on your way to achieving the best experience that is possible!the perfect shave

Timing Is Crucial

I know – I get it; as men, we want to get through the process as quickly as possible, but that is not the best way to get a great shaving experience. Trust me when I say that rushing will lead to some pretty mean facial abuse that you don’t want to deal with.

What you need to do first is prepare your skin. Much like you might prepare your girl before you….it’s important to prepare your skin for what it’s about to go through. You know skin has feeling too, right? You should start by giving your face a quick wash. I recommend a decent facial cleanser because it will soften the protein inside of your hair follicles перейти на сайт.

That little bit of advice actually comes from a medical doctor – so use it! Harsh soaps will completely wash away the natural oils that soften your hair. Before you rinse it off, you want to leave the cleanser on your face for about one minute. Next, go ahead and lather your face with some shaving gel or cream. It really doesn’t matter what type of product you use, but it should be something that is meant for sensitive skin.

Make sure you let the shaving cream or gel sit on your face for at least two minutes, but it’s best to leave it on for three. Brush your teeth or comb your hair while you wait – if you want. The reason why you want to leave the shaving cream on for so long is because it really helps to soften the hair, which will make it possible for you to obtain a one-pass cut.

Brushing It Up

You should avoid relying on nothing but your fingers to lather your shaving gel. I recommend you get a brush and actually use it. A decent brush will force the cream into the hair follicles, which will lead to a much better shaving experience.

The pros like to use a badger brush because it’s perfect for lifting hairs and soaking them in cream. I don’t think you really need to worry about using multi-blade razors. A lot of guys are pretty strict about this, but you can get away with using a single blade.

However, professionals recommend that you use a double-blade razor. What you really need to worry about is having a sharp razor blade. You can use a single-blade razor, but if it’s extremely dull, you’re not going to be doing yourself a favor.

If you see nicks in the blade, then just throw it away. If you cut your facial hair every day, I would get a new razor every week. By using single-blade razors, you can save some money.

Hot Then Cold

If you want to get the best shave, make sure you keep your skin moist and hot. I like to do it immediately after I step out of the shower, but you can even shave while you’re in the shower. It’s up to you. The pros use hot towels, which are placed on a clients’ face prior to the shave.

After you’re finished shaving, rinse with some cold water – it will reduce inflammation. Think of all of the times when your mommy told you to put ice on an inflamed wound. My last bit of advice to give you is go with the grain.

The only reason you should go against the grain is if your razor is not sharp enough to cut hair short enough while shaving with the grain, and in that situation, you shouldn’t be using the dam thing in the first place. These are some crazy tips that you didn’t know about shaving, which will help you to get the perfect shave.