hvac rebates
hvac rebates
Most people spend up to 48 percent of their energy bills on heating and cooling, making that the largest energy expense in most homes. Using a new energy-efficient system can greatly reduce those costs and improve your home’s comfort. However, it can be costly to replace an older HVAC unit for a more efficient heating and cooling one.

That’s where rebates come in. While the amounts vary depending on the utility, one thing remains the same: These substantial financial incentives will help you upgrade and the lower monthly heating and cooling costs are significant, especially when replacing electric resistance systems with heat pumps.

Rebates are available for installation of new heat pumps, mini-split heat pumps, dual fuel or geothermal heat pumps.

Only single-family, residential accounts are eligible for the rebates. Rebates are paid to the homeowner by the appropriate Team Up cooperative after the equipment is installed and work is completed. Check with yours for details.
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