energy management savings switch
energy management savings switch
Every day, demand for electricity goes up and down depending on how much power homes and businesses are using at any given time. For example, on a typical cold winter morning, heating systems crank up and showers turn on as people get ready for work.

As demand for energy increases to warm homes, heat water and power appliances, generating plants respond by producing electricity. The higher the demand for electricity, the more generation is used to produce it. Those costs are passed along to consumers through power costs and demand charges.

To offset rising demand, electric cooperatives activate switches that briefly control the flow of power to electric water heaters. During the summer, these same devices also work to cycle air conditioners on and off.

While most people don’t notice anything, the devices help manage demand charges and keep power prices stable. They are activated during periods when the system load is forecasted to be at a peak level. During the summer, that typically occurs during the hottest days of the year. During the winter, it occurs during the coldest days.

In addition to helping manage the cost of power, you may be eligible for bill credits and other financial incentives for installation of a savings switch. Check with your local Team Up electric cooperative for details, and make the switch to savings!
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