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Rules and Regulations for Commercial/Industrial Incentive Program



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Your electric cooperative provides energy-efficiency incentives for retrofit projects of qualifying equipment in your existing building under the Rules and Requirements provided.

Customer Qualifications

This program applies to customers with a valid electric cooperative commercial account in our electric service territory. Residential customers – please contact your local electric cooperative to find out about residential energy efficiency programs.

Terms and Conditions

  • The incentive programs may be changed or cancelled at any time without notice. The customer and contractor are responsible for contacting the electric cooperative to ask whether or not the program is still in effect and to verify program parameters.

  • Incentive payments are available on a first-come, first-served basis while program funding lasts.

  • Any project pre-approved and completed in a calendar year, must be submitted for payment in that same calendar year.

  • Pre-approval is required for projects with incentive payments greater than $1,000. Submit application prior to starting work for pre-approval. Submittal of application is not a guarantee of approval or payment.

  • Pre-approval is not required for projects with incentive payments less than $1,000. Submit application with required attachments. Submittal of application is not a guarantee of payment.

  • The maximum total incentive payment per customer for all eligible projects and equipment types received during this calendar year is $50,000.

  • Incentives are available for retrofit of functioning equipment, replacement of failed or non-functioning equipment, or addition of new equipment where none existed in an existing facility.

  • Rebates not available for replacement of previously rebated equipment during its deemed useful life, as determined by Hoosier Energy REC, Inc.

  • Incentive items must be installed on the electric account listed on the application.

  • All equipment must be new; used or rebuilt equipment is not eligible for an incentive.

  • The incentive amount cannot exceed 50% of the equipment cost, except where noted.

  • Equipment must be purchased, installed, and operating or capable of operating in the case of seasonal uses prior to submitting an application for an incentive.

  • All equipment must operate more than 1,500 hours per year.

  • Your signature and submission of the application constitutes agreement with and acceptance of these terms and conditions. Applications submitted by a vendor or person other than the account holder will be verified with the customer.

  • Customer is required to designate an installation completion date and also must submit installation invoices within 60 calendar days of completion of the installation. Failure of customer to complete installation of the rebated equipment on or before the designated installation completion date or to submit the invoices in a timely fashion will result in the rebate automatically terminating without further notice. Invoice(s) submitted must include manufacturers’ make and model numbers for each incentive item and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specification sheets.

  • Incentives are paid as a one-time, one-program offer and cannot be combined with incentive payments from other electric cooperative programs.

  • All completed submissions become the property of your electric cooperative and will not be returned. Keep a copy for your records.

  • Your electric cooperative will issue incentives in the form of checks, not utility bill credits. Payments are preferably made directly to the customer unless otherwise arranged.

  • Equipment must meet the Technical Specifications listed in the application instructions. Your electric cooperative reserves the right to withhold payment for products that do not meet the requirements.

  • Your electric cooperative reserves the right to inspect customer facility(ies) for installation of materials listed on this incentive application and will need access to survey the installed project. If the inspection finds that you did not comply with program rules and standards, any incentive you have received must be returned to your electric cooperative.

  • Your electric cooperative reserves the right to refuse payment and participation if the customer or contractor violates program rules and procedures. Your electric cooperative is not liable for incentives promised to customers as a result of a contractor misrepresenting the program.

  • The customer agrees to purchase power for the rebated equipment exclusively from the electric cooperative for a period not less than the deemed measure life of the rebated equipment. Should the customer receive power from any source other than the electric cooperative, including generation owned by the customer, before the end of the equipment’s deemed life, the customer agrees to refund the full amount of the rebate to the distribution cooperative.


Your electric cooperative and Hoosier Energy REC, Inc.:

  • Do not endorse any particular manufacturer, product or system design by offering these incentives;

  • Do not expressly or implicitly warrant the performance of installed equipment (contact your contractor for detailed equipment warranties);

  • Will not be responsible for any tax liability imposed on the customer as a result of the payment of incentives;

  • Are not responsible for the proper disposal/recycling of any waste generated as a result of this project;

  • Are not liable for any damage caused by the operation or malfunction of the installed equipment; and

  • Do not guarantee that a specific level of energy or cost savings will result from the implementation of energy conservation measures or the use of products funded under this program.

  • Reserves the right to change these Rules and Regulations at any time by updating them without any other notice to you. Any change will be effective immediately after it is posted. It is your responsibility to regularly review.

How to ApplyPre-approval not required:

  • Complete the application form in its entirety.

  • Fill out the equipment incentive amount, installed quantities, and other required information and include documentation required by the Technical Specifications.

  • Attach a copy of the paid, itemized invoice(s). Be sure that the quantity, make, model number and unit price of each item appears on the invoice.

Pre-approval required:

  • Contact your key accounts manager for pre-approval authorization and instructions prior to equipment purchase.

  • A completed application must be submitted including the documentation required by the Technical Specifications. Vendor quotations are also required.


  • Sending inadequate documentation or incomplete/incorrect forms will delay incentive approval and payment.

  • Keep a copy of the completed application document for your records.

Questions? Contact your key accounts manager or email


Commercial/Industrial Lighting Incentives

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If you cannot find a measure code matching your equipment, please use the custom application.

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LED Lighting

Note: LED equipment cannot exceed 60% of existing fixture wattage.
All LED equipment must be DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified products, except where noted. 
To obtain DLC Product ID # visit

NEW Equipment Replaced Equipment Measure Code Incentive/Unit Specs
Linear Ambient Luminaires Direct or indirect illumination.

Includes 1×4, 2×2, 2×4, and 8-foot fixtures
replacing linear fluorescent.
Full fixture replacement.

LALF $30
High/Low Bay Equipment Replacing HID Retrofit kit Retrofit kit New fixture New fixture
<250 watt lamp LH1R $15 LH1N $30
250-300 watt lamp LH2R $25 LH2N $50
310-500 watt lamp LH3R $40 LH3N $75
510-750 watt lamp LH5R $65 LH5N $125
760-1000 watt lamp LH7R $100 LH7N $200
Refrigerator/Freezer/Case Equipment Replace T12 fluorescent lamps.
Horizontal or vertical.
Without occupancy sensors LRF1 $5/foot
LRF2 $7/foot
With occupancy sensors
LED Lamps A-type or omnidirectional lamps.
Must be Energy Star listed. Incentive amount cannot exceed 75% of equipment cost.
Flood or spot lamps, downlight fixtures recessed, surface or pendant-mounted.
Must be Energy Star listed. Incentive amount cannot exceed 75% of equipment cost.
Exit Signs Replace incandescent signs only.

No DLC requirement.

Automatic Controls

Note: Each sensor must control a minimum of 125 watts.

Vacancy Sensor Wall or ceiling mounted. Sensors must operate on a manual on/automatic off basis. OSWC $15
Occupancy Sensor Remote or ceiling mounted. Sensors must operate on an automatic on/automatic off basis. OSRC $15
High/Low Bay Controls Fixture mounted sensor for low-bay or high-bay applications. Sensors must operate on an automatic on/automatic off basis. OSHB $15
Commercial/Industrial Motor Incentive