Commercial and Industrial
Your commercial and industrial (C&I) business can now be a part of the Team Up effort to save money and energy through the C&I Energy-Efficiency Program.

Your local electric cooperative’s winning game plan provides cash incentives and free, independent coaching to help you and your business save energy and money. Everyone wins, as we delay the need for new power plants and fuel C&I growth through energy savings. The incentives help you purchase and install energy-saving electric equipment, including:
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Energy-Efficient Motors
  • Compressed Air Systems

Additionally, any energy-efficient upgrade not specifically identified above may qualify for a custom program.

For more information about the C&I Energy Efficiency Program, contact your
local Team Up cooperative or the C&I Energy-Efficiency Program Coordinator at (phone: 812-322-7279).

To obtain an application form, please select the link below for your Team Up cooperative (energy-efficient compressed air system applications are provided on request.)

The application forms are provided as PDF documents with fillable fields. You may complete the form and submit it by email, as instructed. The forms may also be printed and faxed or mailed. Make sure you include all required attachments when submitting the application.

Please note that 2016 application forms will be accepted through 2017.

New Construction

If you are planning to build a new commercial or industrial building, you may qualify for incentives on energy-efficient lighting and HVAC equipment. Please click the link below to download the application and learn more.

Application pre-approval is required prior to purchase and installation of equipment. For information or questions, call 812-322-7279. 

Important Notes about Application Form PDFs:
Application forms are fillable PDF files when opened in Acrobat Reader version 8.0 or later. Acrobat Reader is a free PDF tool provided by To upgrade to a newer version of Reader, visit

Application forms require JavaScript be enabled in Adobe Reader to display correctly and to allow form functions to operate correctly within the fillable PDF files. For more information on enabling JavaScript within your version of Acrobat Reader, please visit, or see below.

To enable JavaScript within your version of Acrobat Reader:
1. Launch Adobe Reader.
2. Within Adobe Reader, select the “Edit” menu, then select “Preferences.”
3. Within “Categories” select “JavaScript.”
4. Make sure the checkbox next to “Enable Acrobat JavaScript” is checked.
5. Click “OK.”

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